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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) number is a unique identifier for boats or ships. This number is registered and assigend to ship owners and boat management companies. IMO numbers were created under the 'SOLAS Convention' because of the need for maritime safety & security. This also reduces maritime fraud. If should be noted that the IMO number does not change if the name, flag, or owner changes for a given boat or ship. In 1987 the IMO adopted a resolution then in December 2002, the "Diplomatic Conference on Maritime Security" took the measures for making security of ships and port facilities better. At this time the IMO numbers were to to be permanently marked in a visible location. Interestingly, passenger ships are supposed to show the IMO number on a horizontal surface visible from above. IMO ship identification numbers are given by IHS Fairplay (previously Lloyd's Register-Fairplay). For further reading please visit