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Used Boat Insurance Quotes

Best Boat Insurance 2021


The importance of having a boat insurance policy cannot be over-emphasized, especially if you are a boat owner or boaters. No matter the number of times you use your boat, you need to have it insured. One of the advantages of boat insurance coverage is that it offers protection for you and your damaged boat.  Always be prepare for uncertainty before you begin boating.

Although, many tend to trivialize the importance of having boat insurance.  The US Coast Guard reviewed 4,145 boating accidents in 2018 that led to increased property damage worth $46 million. Boat accidents are dangerous and should be adverted by all possible means. You should get prepared for any uncertainty by buying the best and most suitable boat insurance policy for your need.

In this blog post, we shall take a look at some grey areas in achieving the best insurance policy for your boat. Also, you get to know some of the insurance companies that suit your needs. Without further ado, let's get to the business of why we are here.

List of the Best Boat Insurance Companies You Should Try Out

Here we shall be looking at the best and most affordable boat insurance policy that you can use. We are going to list out some boat insurance companies based on customer's experience over the years, average prices for different coverage, and more. Below are some of the best-rated boat insurance companies you should look at;

  •  Allstate- Best Overall Boat Insurance

  • Progressive- Best Affordable Boat Insurance

  • Nationwide- Best for Bundling Policies

  • Foremost- Best Variety of Coverage

  • Markel- Best for Fishermen


Allstate Insurance Company- Best Overall Boat Insurance

Allstate insurance company is the number one option for you when looking for a company with multiple coverage options. It also prides itself on various boat insurance discounts for both old and new customers.

Allstate remains the #1 boat insurance company in Florida and a reliable choice for everyone. Allstate is affordable, yet efficient. If you are looking for the best and cheap boat insurance service provider, look no further. Allstate is the answer for you.

Why Choose Allstate Boat insurance company?

  • Affordable, yet efficient service delivery with starting rate as low as $21 per month

  • Multiple and amazing coverage, plus extras

  • Great coverage including many extras

  • Offers comprehensive coverage options such as watercraft liability coverage

  • Unlimited Discounts such as 20% discount once you include your boat insurance with Allstate homeowner's policy, Full-Pay Discount of 10%,  discount on homeownership, easy pay plan discount, boat education discount, and more

  • Offers best customer support- dial 800 for any question or answer

  • Allstate website offers detailed information and resources for boaters like videos and infographics, blog posts on how to deal with boat accidents, marine emergence, boat maintenance, and more.

Allstate Types of Coverage

Below are the main coverage types covered by Allstate Boat insurance company;

  • Watercraft liability coverage

  • Property coverage

  • Repair costs

  • Medical payments

  • Uninsured watercraft coverage

  • Additional equipment and personal effects

  • Trailer coverage

  • Emergency services like towing, labor, fuel, oil, and battery delivery

Allstate Boat Insurance Limitations

Allstate boat insurance limitation is seamless and places a minimal limitation on its boat coverage. Nevertheless, some discounts and coverages are not available in some states. You should contact an Allstate agent near you to ascertain the availability of coverage and discounts before buying boat insurance coverage. And if you are buying a used boat make sure to get the report first.


Progressive Boat Insurance Company- Best Affordable Boat Insurance

With over 18 million customer base, Progressive needs no recognition. The insurance company has become a household name to reckon with. Progressive has been able to manage, attract, and retain a large customer base to their insurance company.

Why Choose Progressive Boat Insurance Company?

  • They prioritize customer satisfaction

  • Affordable rates and lots of available discounts

  • They also help to save customers money in their boat insurance rates

  • Multiple Coverage Options

  • You enjoy massive discounts like transfer discount, multiple policy discount, association discounts, advanced quote discount, original owner discount, Pay-in-full discounts, prompt payment discounts, and more

  • Unlike other boat insurance provider, with Progressive, you can sail anyone around the US lake or river

  • They offer several online tools to aid you like the Mobile app, Nam your Price Tool, and more.

  • They remained the #1 boat insurer to offer safe-boating discounts for boaters. This has made Progressive an ideal boat insurance option.

Progressive Types of Coverage

The following are the major coverage types covered by Progressive Boat insurance company;

  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability

  • Collision coverage

  • Uninsured/underinsured boater (UB/UIB)

  • Medical payments

  • Propulsion plus mechanical breakdown coverage

  • Fishing equipment or carry-on items

  • Water sports injury coverage

  • Fuel spills and wreckage removal

  • Full replacement cost and more

Progressive Boat Insurance Limitations

The only limitation for Progressive boat insurance is only available for boats up to 50 feet in length, and in some high-risk states that experience a higher hurricane. There is also age limitation on some boats use as a primary residence, boats above 10 years, homemade boats without a hull identification number, Houseboats that do not have motors, and more. Contact Progressive boat insurance agent to know more.

Nationwide- Best for Bundling Policies


The vast experiences of this boat insurance company are amazing. They have been rendering boat insurance services to boaters over the past 90 years. They do not fall out of their promises to customers. They have been able to keep their customers happy since inception.

They have received a top rating from several places like A.M, S&P, Best, and more. Their boat insurance policy is affordable and an ideal choice for any boat owner. If you desire to save some money, bundling with Nationwide boat insurance policies won't be a bad idea.


Why Choose Nationwide Boat Insurance Company?

  • Offers affordable insurance coverage

  • Provide users with massive discounts up to 25% for specific states and specific coverages. Multiple boat discounts, boater safety course discount, diesel fuel discount paid-in-full discount, claims-free renewal discount

  • Nationwide encourages customers to save more by offering flexible boat insurance packages

  • Mouth-watering packages- Nationwide offer several packages for boaters like Weekenders, overnighters, light tackle Anglers, Deepwater pros, and more.

  • Offers customers a wow experience through its mobile app and website, nevertheless, the mobile app works well with auto insurance policy.

Nationwide Types of Coverage

Nationwide offers a variety of insurance coverage that includes the following;

  • Medical payments coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability

  • Collision coverage

  • Personal effects insurance

  • Uninsured/underinsured boater

  • Roadside Assistance

  • On-water boat towing and labor

  • Fishing equipment insurance

Nationwide Limitations

The only limitations are that all coverages and discounts are available to some states. Also, the mobile app is not user friendly. You should contact a Nationwide agent near you to find out what is obtainable before purchasing boat insurance coverage.

Foremost- Best Variety of Coverage

Foremost boat insurance coverage stands out among others. Their numerous coverage packages and discounts make it an ideal option if you desire to customize your coverage. Here are some reasons why you should use Foremost boat insurance policy;

Why Choose Foremost Boat Insurance Company?

  • Offers a variety of packages and coverage for customers

  • You enjoy affordable packages on Saver Package, Plus Package, Elite Package, Pontoon Elite Packages, Classic Elite Packages, Performance Elite Packages, and more

  • Guarantees varied discounts such as lay-up discount, paid-in-full discount, boating safety course discount, protective device discount, multiple policy discount, multiple unit discount, loss-free renewal discount, insured age discount affinity, and alliance discount


Foremost Types of Coverage

Foremost offers varied standard coverage types like;

  • Watercraft physical damage

  • Personal liability

  • Medical payments

  • Uninsured watercraft

  • Personal property

  • Towing and roadside assistance

Foremost Limitations

Foremost boat insurance is available in all the states, however; coverage and the prices differ from state to state. They do not ensure boaters who fall into the high-risk driver category. Foremost does not offer an opportunity for people with a poor credit score. Those with a poor credit score are denied coverage


Markel: Best for Fishermen

This boat insurance provider offers large coverage options with a standard policy. It is the best and most suitable for fishermen. Markel is an ideal option for the older generation. Unlike other boating insurance providers, Markel is the only company that offers discounts for boaters over the age of 40, which can help older people to enjoy fishing and also save money. Their deductible insurance program is something that cannot be ignored, especially if you are a beginner.

Why Choose Markel Boat Insurance Company?

  • Offers large coverage options for customers

  • The right and ideal boat insurance for fishermen

  • Offers discounts such as the vanishing deductible that you won't find elsewhere

  • Offer a helping hand to the older generation


Markel Types of Coverage

Markel offers coverage for both professional fishermen and someone having fun fishing. Their coverage begins with $100 per annual. Below are some of the numerous coverage types;

  • Medical payments

  • Watercraft liability

  • Personal effects

  • Uninsured/underinsured boater

  • Pollution liability

  • Agreed value watercraft and equipment

  • Emergency towing

  • Replacement cost settlement

  • Fishing equipment

  • Professional angler liability

  • Tournament fee reimbursement

  • Crash damage

  • Theft away from home

  • Wreck removal and more

Markel Limitations

Markel offers different coverage types for a different location. Their operation is everywhere in the US, except North Carolina and Massachusetts. Reach out to Markel customer support to know more. It does not have a mobile-friendly app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we shall be looking at some frequently asked questions regarding boat insurance coverage;

  • Do I Need to Have Boat Insurance?

  • What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

  • What Are the Other Types of Coverage?

  • What Should I Look for When Shopping for Boat Insurance?

  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat?

Do I Need to Have Boat Insurance?

Yes, you should have your boat insured in case of any uncertainty. If you are in Utah and Arkansas states, it's legal you have boat insurance coverage. If peradventure you get into an accident- you would be glad you have insurance coverage. Get boat insurance if you have Yachts, jet boats, large sailboats, personal watercraft, and motorboats.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

You may be wondering what boat insurance covers. Below are some areas your insurance policy covers;

  • Bodily Injury Liability- covers costs associated with injuries by accidents such as medical bills, income, and other costs

  • Property Damage Liability- boat insurance also covers damage to docks and other boats.

  • Collision Coverage- This type of insurance is optional and covers repairs and replacement of your boat in the event of an accident

  • Comprehensive Coverage- This insurance policy protects your boat against non-accident-related damage, such as theft, vandalism, and other hazards.

  • Umbrella Coverage- If you buy this type of insurance coverage, any driver who drives your boat will be covered unless they are excluded from the policy.


What Are the Other Types of Coverage? You may receive insurance coverage for medical payments, roadside assistance, wreckage removal, watersports, fuel spills, carry-on items, fishing equipment, trip interruption, uninsured boater, trailers, towing which is dependent on the insurance company and the type of coverage you opt-in.

What Should I Look for When Shopping for Boat Insurance? There are several considerations you should look at when buying a boat insurance policy;

  • Type of insurance coverage- Choose the type of policy that suits your needs, whether an agreed value policy or actual cash value (ACV) policy. ACV policies are affordable but provide a low payout.

  • Look at for Limitations- You must check exclusions and restrictions before you buy any boat coverage. Some insurance providers only insure boat base on the size or age, whereas others will not insure boats used for commercial purposes. Know your boat type and your needs.

  • Compare insurance company- Try to make some comparisons and know the one suitable for you in both price, rewards and service delivery.

  • Reputation- Look at the insurance provider's customer reviews, experiences, and more. This would give you an insight into how effective and efficient they are.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat? Some homeowners' insurance policies cover boats, but there are limitations, and are treated as household items. Your insurance policy will only cover about 10% of your household items.

Final Note

With our evaluation of the best boat insurance companies in the US, you can choose the ideal company suitable for your needs. Though boat insurance policy is not compulsory, it is significant you insure your boat to reap the numerous benefits during rainy days. Leave a comment below if you need more information about the best boat insurance companies.



How To Get Cost Effective Boat Insurance With Excellent Coverage

We will cover 5 factors that are important to know and negotiate a good insurance plan for your boat. When we took a look at my vehicle insurance policy on my SUV last week to make sure I have the policy that makes sense and I needed to get a reasonable value for my money. Well, since I have a small amount of tickets, my rates will not be rock bottom and finding acceptable pricing with maximum insurance coverage turned out to be a bigger project than I expected or imagined. Enter, Boat Insurance!

When I had trouble using this type of mundane process, I was thinking back to a job interview I did together with the Director of one of several top rated Boat Insurance firm, an underwater insurance policy niche firm. The interview was actually a big eye opener to me, a fishing boat of over 30 years and so I figured I pass a few of the great things. If by some misfortune, you will have an assertion that this summer these details could just help you save thousands of dollars and weeks of shed boating time…let’s lower the head aches of dealing with insurance plan adjusters!

So, here are the top tips I can share from that Boating Insurance Specialist I had met:

Agreed/Replacement Value vs. Book Value

Agreed Worth vs. Reserve Worth may be the most significant portion of some insurance premium dominant factors. But, being a simple individual, what does it indicate and what in case you be looking into your policy’s small print?

This insurance establishes exactly how much your policy is going to pay on a claim in case your motorboat is broken, sunk or stolen. Look at the coverage to ensure you’re protected as much as a stated agreed upon worth or replacement value. Some common insurance companies will undoubtedly protect the unclear Publication Importance over a state.

Here’s a good example: Let’s say a customer purchases a new speed boat from me for $100,000. If he has an Agreed upon Importance or Alternative Worth insurance policy, the plan says a real money quantity which he will likely be compensated, in this case $100,000. So, if his vessel is stolen 3 years from now, the plan will probably pay $100,000.

But, if his insurance policy is composed being a Book Value and his awesome fishing boat is thieved 4 year from now, the policy will simply pay for the worth during those times which may be only $70,000. This seemingly minimal verbiage given it could cause an enormous financial hit which won’t be discovered until it is too far gone.

The following major reason and i believe one of the most popular areas for a using the policy is when there is harm to your fishing boat which can be fixed. Just how do they handle pieces and effort prices on improvements?

There are 2 main techniques insurance firms deal with promises on maintenance. Let’s say you struck a division in the lake within your 3 year old Water Ray and knock your lower model. Our Bertram Qualified Aspects say you should substitute the whole thing which will cost $4,000 parts and $3,000 labor.

Some common insurance carriers will consider the claim and depreciate the reduced unit depending on the 3 years of use and merely deal with say, 75undefinedPercent in the elements cost or $2,550. They can furthermore have an optimum hourly work amount they are going to fee which can be generally within the normal underwater labor rate. So that you are left with choosing utilizing a Bertram Accredited Sea Technician and within the distinction or locating a more affordable auto technician to accomplish the work.

I suggest looking for the best insurance company which will spend completely in the parts as well as the normal go shopping price of any Qualified Underwater Assistance Shop. This becomes you back again in the normal water faster without any dollars out of your bank account understanding the work was done correct.

Last week I delivered up an issue that no person I know gets enthusiastic about, fishing boat insurance plan. Properly, in fact that isn’t real. They don’t get excited about it before the coverage they need is not really there when a regrettable incident comes about.

Let’s tell the truth, incidents take place. With any luck, to never you on your fishing boat, however if they are doing, I wish for you to become fully protected! Why?

Due to the fact in my opinion, the greater number of pleased boaters out on Lake Wylie enjoying their boat indicates far more potential clients to work with if they are all set for the new motorboat. So, with my intentions on my own sleeve, let us return to the conversation of Vessel Insurance.

Following Agreed upon/Alternative Worth versus Guide Worth and Work Costs Paid out in a claim, you will find another few locations which could turn into a key frustration if not a part of your coverage.


Salvage Coverage insurance quote

If you are boat sinks with water body, where do you turn? Properly, on many occasions, you are expected to salvage the motorboat and tidy up any environmentally friendly impurities that could have resulted (i.e. gasoline or oil spillages). The fee for this particular retrieve could possibly be inside the many, even tens of hundreds depending on the spot.

Many insurance plans are not going to address this sort of insurance causing you to have to deal with the problem all on your own, including the cost. When checking out your policy’s small print discover exactly what type of salvage insurance you will have, in the event.


Towing & Stranded Boater Insurance

Fortunately there are many helpful boaters on this page on Lake Wylie that in case you are captured in the limited place like not having enough fuel, found having a dead battery pack or any other mechanized concerns, there can be a pleasant face to help you tow one to a safe place. But, what if you find not and you are required to get in touch with a towing firm for example Ocean Tow?

Nicely, in many cases, the cost would tumble on the shoulders. But, if you have towing insurance coverage, your insurance company may deal with the whole expenditure as much as a set up limit.

See, some insurance providers understand the danger of leaving the motorboat unattended bound to a part in the financial institution from the lake. To avoid a potentially worse automobile accident, they try so it will be as elementary as feasible that you should make the decision to transport your boat back to a good area by masking completely from the towing and docking cost.

Delightful back again, over the past 14 days we’ve talked more details on motorboat insurance coverage than you’ve probably contemplated because you acquired your first vessel. But, I know over the boating period someone is going to be caught off guard by the absence of protection.

Now, it is on the last 2 things to review are certainly not inside the fine print but might need a phone get in touch with to your insurance professional and possibly an opponent or two. Request the questions listed here in those interactions, then it’s your work to find out will it be a selling pitch or perhaps is it an authentic sales hype.

Speed of Claims processing

As boaters, if the weather conditions are nice and we certainly have time for you to strike this type of water, we don’t want everything to stay within our way. Especially, the gradual answer of your own insurance policy adjusters to agree claims in your boat.

Several insurance plan firms make use of the car boasts function movement and demand an adjuster to review your sea mechanics estimation for work to be performed in your motorboat when a state is filed. This might add more days to the time your vessel is inoperable. Then, after authorized, the length of time just before the services shop can get parts and finished the project since they are worried the insurance company won’t make ultimate transaction without a huge trouble.

Nicely, some insurance providers manage promises of a number of levels just a little distinct. Some, will recognition a licensed Technicians estimation and minimize within days with no adjusters overview when the repairs are within specific amount. After I talked using the Director of just one sea insurance carrier, he told me his firms limit was $15,000.

If they take care of the declaration because way, it ought to cut days off the time that it usually takes to possess you rear about the water savoring your boat. And, is not that the purpose of as being a Carolina Boater in any case?


Are you able to reduce your monthly premiums and increase insurance?

As you now know all 5 factors to inquire about, call your current insurer and ask them if they protect every condition and how they actually do it? You may be surprised you are less properly protected as you may have expected for approximately the same sum of money.

So, contact your service provider along with other marine insurance coverage consultant and inquire them these factors:

  1. Which of the two are in my policy: “agreed value” or “fair market value” coverage.
  2. If I use a Certified Mechanic and make a claim, will you cover the full shop rate?
  3. Are boat parts covered in full or just the depreciated cost is covered?
  4. Will my policy cover any of the salvage and environmental clean-up costs incurred when a boat sinks?
  5. Is there a towing limit in my plan? How about docking expenses?
  6. When do claim adjusters get involved? At what level of expense and how long is the time frame for approval.
  7. What is the total cost of my premium policy on an annual basis?

I hope you can use these talking points to better compare plans and switch to a plan that gives more coverage value for your money.