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What is a HIN (HULL Identification Number)?

HIN is a unique serial number used by the boat industry to identify individual boats, crafts, and vessels. In 1972 (November 1st) the format for HIN numbers was not yet standadized in the United States. In fact, there are three formats having a 12-character HIN. The HULL Identification Number cannot contain the letters I (i), O (o), or Q (q).

The Hull Identification Number systems are named Straight Year Format, Model Year Format, and Current Format. The Current Format is somtimes refered to as CIN (craft identification number). It has come into effect August 1st 1984 and is subject to ISO 10087:2006(en).

The HIN is 12 characters long and is composed of multiple sections depending on the format being used. has a proprietary technology that enables us to decode the information contained in the HIN or CIN. Commonly, boat manufacturers added additional characters to the HIN but separated from the HIN by a hyphen.

HIN is normally located in several locations on a boat, but the most common places are:

  • On the transom on top of the load waterline. This is sometimes on the upper starboard quadrant.
  • If there is not transom, the HIN can be on the starboard side at the aft end of the hull that bears the rudder or steering device.
  • Boats with more than one hull have their CIN at the outermost starboard near the aft end of the hull.